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Magnificent and gentle black kitty


I am usually well-known for my magnificent black coat, my unique topaz eyes and bushy long tail. I also have a bit of a flat-looking face but we don't talk about that here. 


I have a relatively large build, but I am really just a gentle big furball that likes rubbing against the legs of humans because they look like they would be cold without glorious thick fur like mine. Humans seem to be more interested in my resting pose though. They like to take photos of it and call it a sploot. 


Despite my name, I actually don't meow much. My presence at Raffles Hall area was noticed sometime around Apr 2021. I met another fellow cat in the area, Cow but we don't hang out as much as we used to anymore... 


I am normally a silent presence, enjoying a good nap somewhere and summoned only when I hear food. During my free time, I like to watch birds and sometimes try to play with them. I also try to make friends with this other shy cat here, Lily. Sometimes she still hisses at me when she doesn't want to hang out, but I think she's starting to accept my friendship!

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