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The Lonely Wanderer


I am a wanderer, who roams the seven seas - I mean, the various corners of NUS. I used to be from Biz, but people have seen me in Engineering, YIH, RVRC, Science and even KE7 hall.

I usually only appear in the early mornings and late evenings. I am a bit lonely all by myself, but the other cats don't seem to want to make friends with me when I approach them. I am also sceptical of humans, who I have escaped from several times. My mother and my brother now live with humans, but I refuse to go with them...

I am yet to be neutered and still retain my crown jewels, so at night I sometimes yowl woefully for female companionship. Humans have tried tracking me down, but I never stay in one place for long.

* This cat is not yet neutered. If you see this cat, please let NUS CatCafe know where and when as we are still trying to track his appearances.

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