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The Wild One

Me used to be a beautiful feral kitty defending and survivin on me own...I'm still beautiful as you can see. One day me stumbled onto NUS, basically a meow haven with food served on a platter everyday, no need for huntin'. 

Me warmin' up with hooman feeders nowadays. They don't seem too scary, kinda nice actually. But if me feel somethin' fishy, me run like a bullet, like Bilbo up the hill. My other lady kitty friend Emmy had health issues and was taken in by some kind hooman, so it's just me all on my lonesome again... There now be another young un' near EW2, but she just runs away when she sees me.

I used to hang out in the Faculty of Engineering, at the benches along the stairs near good ol' LT7. I graduated at the end of 2020, adopted by the hooman who first found me back in the day. These days me live a life of luxury indoors, in a warm house surrounded by love and food and other kitty companions.


WhatsApp Image 2017-11-06 at 8.16.58 PM
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