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Meet The Team

Project Director & Vice-Project Director

The Project Director and Vice-Project Director are involved in all the functions of NUS CatCafe, coordinating them to ensure a smooth operation of the organisation. In addition, they are also in charge of the finances, ensuring that the organisation is financially sustainable for operations to continue. They are the bridge between NUS CatCafe and NUS PEACE as well as the representatives of the organisation in any relations with external parties.

> Starting from AY2021/2022, financial matters of NUS CatCafe are managed under a Treasurer.

Cats' Welfare Team

The Cat Welfare Team is involved in managing both the welfare of the campus cats as well as the volunteers who care for them.  Our team members are aware of the needs of the cats based on their unique personality, and take suitable action to ensure that their physical and mental health are properly cared for. The team is also in charge of distributing cat food to the volunteers, and managing the daily feeding schedule to ensure that the cats are fed regularly. 

Events Team

The Events team mainly plans and executes semesterly fundraisers and occasional events such as the Cat Walk and Cat Talk. The goal is to raise awareness and interest about campus cats and their related issues to the NUS population! 

Publicity Team

The Publicity Team is mainly in charge of managing NUS CatCafe's social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Telegram channel to keep the NUS population updated on the club's activities. This includes posting updates ont he campus cats, designing posters and generating other publicity materials for events.

Rehoming Team

The rehoming team focuses on facilitating the trapping of new campus cats for sterilisation, bringing our campus cats in need of medical attention to the vet and finding suitable adopters for campus cats who can be potentially adopted. The team also works closely with the other teams in our organisation and external members such as the trapper, to provide immediate and optimal care for our campus cats.

Illustrations © Persisca Buk

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