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Sweet black and white kitty

Call me Kit! Don't ask me what my name is short for.  


I used to roam around the school back in 2020, in search for a place to settle down. However, most nice spots were already occupied by cats. I continued roaming until I reached the Faculty of Engineering, where I settled down eventually. I moved a little further down, closer to School of Design and Environment though after the new ginger cat, Fred came into town.

I will sit very politely at a distance and meow at you sweetly until you give me food. I am still a little shy around humans, so if you move too fast or too close to me I will run away. There are many hideouts in Engineering to explore, where the eyes of humans sometimes cannot reach.  

You may seek me out for company around E1/EW1, but I might not be easy to find especially if you do not bring cat food to share with me. 

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