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If you are thinking about adopting a campus cat, please consider the following before making your decision:


  • Taking care of a cat is a big responsibility. It won't always be warm cuddles and cute purring. You need to be committed to ensuring the cat is healthy and happy. Examples of responsibilities would be preparing food and water daily (not all brands of cat food are suitable, some contain large amounts of preservatives), cleaning its litter box daily and taking the cat to the vet for vaccination, sterilisation, and check-ups. You need to be emotionally and financially prepared to take on these responsibilities. 


  • A cat might cause damage to your property. Your furniture, carpet and curtains may be scratched (a scratching post can help with this situation). Please be aware of the possibility of such damage.


  • Make sure your house is a suitable environment for the cat. Do you have other pets and if so, would they get along with the new cat? Is anyone in your family allergic to cats? Is your house cat-proof (the cat will not be able to escape or fall out)? Click here for more information on how to secure your windows and gates.


  • Please check out these links for more information on adoption:


Adopting a cat is a big decision and we want to make sure that you do not hurry into it. If you have considered the above and have decided that you would like to adopt a campus cat, please send us an email to start the process. 


Upon review and approval, we will need to do a home inspection to ensure that your home is suitable for the addition of a new member. A $50 adoption fee will be incurred. Additionally, an agreement on the terms and conditions of this arrangement will be included before you can take your new feline friend home with you.  


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