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Lost & confused kitty (or cow?)


I was a lost and confused kitty that somehow made my way to NUS around March 2020. I used to lounge at the UTown link bridge and watched numerous two-legged creatures pass by. Those who saw me and consistently gave me offerings of food eventually called me Cow.


What do you mean I look like a cow? Cows look like me.

Later in the year, I decided to cross the road and migrate over to the Raffles Hall area. It was much more sheltered with less traffic there. I can even use the roofs of the sheltered pathways as my own personal highway whenever I feel like it. 

These days the two-legged creatures call me elusive, just because they can't find me regularly. I still like to keep an air of mystery around me, you see. Just because you can't find me doesn't mean that I am not there. 


See if you can find me - the cat, the legend, the one and only Cow.

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