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Small, mysterious and angry?


Because of the permanent scowl on my face, I have been told that I look like I crave murder. But that's just my resting cat face... I am actually a very simple cat that likes to do cat things like hide in small places and come out only when there's food. I promise I'm not a serial killer! 


I mysteriously appeared around Raffles Hall sometime in Dec 2021. I was noticed when humans were trying to find the other cats here, Cow and Meowmeow. I don't know Cow very well, but Meowmeow has been persistently trying to make friends with me. I now tolerate his presence during mealtimes and we sometimes eat together.


I used to be called "tiny cat" because I was quite small and kept hiding in the drains or under boards. I would stay a far distance away from humans and nimbly go into hiding if they approach. No one could even get a good look at me for a very long while, before my trust was sufficiently gained through food offerings over several months.


The humans needed a better name than "tiny cat" to call me, hence I received my new name, Lily. It was derived from Liliput, where the humans are tiny. Despite being neither a flower nor a human, I am happy with my new name!

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