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The Strange One


I am a young grey and white tabby who lurks around at night in NUS.

I was noticed by humans sometime around early 2020. I was known as a dumpster racoon then, often rummaging through the trash in YIH. Later on in July, I was trapped and sent for neutering. However, I was too much of a free spirit to remain as an indoor cat and could not be adopted out. I returned to campus afterwards and now spend my days as a free cat.

I still prefer social distancing and maintain a no-petting rule to this day. The humans who offer me food often complain to me about it because they say that I'm too cute and they really want to pet me. They say that I'm a strange cat, but they enjoy my company when I decide to grace them with my presence anyway.

Nowadays I remain relatively elusive. My address is still unknown to many even after several years, even to my most dedicated caretakers. But maybe if you're lucky enough, you might see me passing through RVRC in the middle of the night.

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